Who Are We?

Silver Peaches is a joint blog effort by the bestest of friends who no longer see each other day in and day out. The Silver Belle, Aimee, resides in the Silver State (that's Nevada for those of you who are geographically challenged) and The Georgia Peach, Cari, lives, well, if you can't figure that one out, there really is no hope for you!

Despite living apart we have remained best friends who share a love of all things ridiculously fabulous, caramel frappacinos, mod podge, our kids and blogs. It was only natural that we decided to start a blog together. It's just one more way for us to stay connected while sharing all of our fabulously ridiculous ideas with you!

We hope to share fun craft ideas, organizational tips, ways to keep things tidy, and so on. That is, we hope that our ideas will help inspire you in many ways and help you discover how to be ridiculously fabulous too. Or, is it fabulously ridiculous? Hmmmm...


  1. Ridiculous? Yes! Fabulous? Yes! Love them both! I look forward to seeing/hearing what you two are up to. :) Lisa A.

  2. Thanks Lisa! You know us, we're always up to something and we plan to share bits and pieces along the way!